The Schools International Education Business Association (SIEBA) was formed as a result of the school sector Strategic Roadmap development process.

SIEBA’s purpose is to provide leadership, increased business capability, greater collaboration and stronger representation for international education in New Zealand schools. As the peak body for schools, we play a key role in supporting consistent growth in quality, professionalism and value in international education.

Our Vision

SIEBA’s vision is to be a leading partner for New Zealand schools in advancing their international education business.

Our Mission

SIEBA’s mission is to Lead, Connect and Grow the business of international education and the people who work within it.

Our Core Values

SIEBA’s Core Values are an important part of what we stand for. Core values provide an opportunity to measure how well we are meeting the needs of members and to monitor the success of SIEBA. Our core values are below.
Trust and reliability are two key elements of organisational integrity that will enhance the reputation of SIEBA. Sustainable business relationships are built on trust and when members and customers trust SIEBA, they will be confident in our ability to be honest, fair, respectful and do what is promised. SIEBA is concerned with its reputation because reputation is connected to the service that SIEBA provides. The stronger SIEBA’s reputation, the better it serves its members and achieves its vision. Demonstrating integrity through building trust and a strong reputation is a fundamental core value for SIEBA and its representatives.
SIEBA is committed to ensuring that the interests of all members are represented fairly and without favour. SIEBA membership provides the right of equity to each and every member regardless of the type of school, number of international students or where in New Zealand the school is located.
SIEBA believes that New Zealand schools offer unmatched value and benefit to students seeking international education. Our educational options appeal to a range of customers and regions of the world. SIEBA and its members will be committed to further nurture the New Zealand Schools Brand and promote the benefits of each member school to the global marketplace.
Sharing is a fundamental requirement for SIEBA and its members. We believe that in an organisation such as SIEBA, sharing is a critical link between current practice and growth. Sharing will ensure mutual benefits to members and must be the end product from collaboration and partnerships.
SIEBA is a service-focused organisation. SIEBA recognises that in order to provide quality products and services, it must canvas the needs and requirements of members. Responses to members, government agencies and external parties will be prompt, respectful, confidential when required, and well researched. Responses will instil confidence and trust in members seeking support and advice and will contribute to building a strong reputation.
To be innovative is to seek continual improvement and to be constantly open to new methods and approaches. Innovation requires an openness of mind, a willingness to search for solutions and most of all, innovation requires commitment to a vision. The drive to innovate for the school sector is required of all those representing SIEBA.

Our Team

John van der Zwan
Executive Director

Jennifer Kirkham
Operations Manager
Professional Learning and Development

Robbie Pickford
Projects Manager
Growth and Innovation

Adi Alderson
Primary/Intermediate Schools Programme Administrator

Angeli Lomas
Office Administrator

Nik Morais
Business Development Officer

Katie McBride
Primary/Intermediate Schools Programme Administrator

Tanya Cox
Placements Administrator

Carole Cowley
Primary/Intermediate Schools Programme Administrator


Our Board

Patrick Walsh
Board Chair
John Paul College

Guy Pascoe
Deputy Chair
International Director
Scots College

Matt Simeon
Pillans Point School

Katy Mandeno
Partner/Strategy and Communications
This Is Level Limited


Terry Kraettli
International Director
Epsom Girls Grammar

Danielle Thompson
Finance Manager
Te Pae, The Christchurch Convention Centre


Leaders have a vision and make it happen.