Placement Service

Our Placement Service is a unique opportunity for agencies around the world to connect with well over 380 primary, intermediate and secondary schools.  This service allows agencies to post listings seeking schools to host individual students and groups seeking placement in a New Zealand school.  Agencies can work with our SIEBA team to prepare and present a listing to get the best possible result for students.

How it works in 5 easy steps


  1.    Agents apply to place a listing
  2.    SIEBA works with the agent to create the listing
  3.    SIEBA uploads the listing to member schools
  4.    Agents are then connected with schools that meet their criteria
  5.    Once connected, agents work directly with the schools of their choice
Placement Service
Placement Service

How much does this service cost?

There is no fee charged to agents and the agent can post multiple placement listings.  There is no contract with SIEBA but schools that the agent chooses to work with will require an agency agreement. 

Benefits for agents

These include:

  • Access to high quality schools throughout New Zealand
  • Avoid having to contact numerous schools to find the right one
  • Centralized listing to make finding the right school easy
  • Support and advice from the SIEBA team to get the best out of a listing
  • Access to an experienced and specialized team at SIEBA


Ready to start using the Placement Service?

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