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The SIEBA Hub is the members’ area of the website and offers a growing range of resources and services. The SIEBA Hub also provides SIEBA with important information about your school to help us tailor support, resources and training to meet your schools’ business needs. Some of the key services available at the SIEBA Hub are:

Message Board
Message Board is the landing page for the SIEBA Hub. Here you can connect with other members, post messages on the activity board, comment on other member’s posts and share files. You will also find SIEBA’s Newsletters and recent News on this page.

Business Profile
Your business profile will become a critical tool to guide SIEBA’s services and support for your business. The business profile collects key information and offers a range of analysis and reports relating to your business.

SIEBA posts regular News to all members. News will pass on sector information, updates on SIEBA services and share articles relevant to member schools. You will be notified through email when News is posted.

SIEBA Member Services
SIEBA Member Services

Professional Learning and Development

Professional Learning and Development is a cornerstone service for member schools and plays a key role in building commercial capability within the school sector. Regionally delivered PLD tailored to the particular needs of regions is a high priority for SIEBA. SIEBA workshops and seminars are an opportunity to connect with members, increase knowledge of international education and gain deeper insights into current international education issues and challenges.


SIEBA now has underway an ongoing programme for the development of a range of key resources to support business development for member schools. These include current school and industry market material, standardised core documents to support efficiency and compliance, sample policies relating to international education operations and a range of templates to support effective implementation of procedures and policies.

SIEBA members can also upload and share resources through the Message Board of the SIEBA Hub.

SIEBA Member Services
SIEBA Member Services


As the peak body for the schools sector, SIEBA currently represents over 350 New Zealand primary, intermediate and secondary schools. All SIEBA member schools are signatories to the Code of Practice.

SIEBA is actively engaged with a range of agencies and allied organizations to coordinate and provide critical advocacy and one voice on issues relating to the school sector. Recent developments in the Code of Practice and supporting Guidelines are recent examples of the important role SIEBA plays as advocate for member schools.

Through strong membership, SIEBA will continue to ensure industry engagement on behalf of the school sector.

Compliance and Advisory

SIEBA offers a range of business and compliance advisory services. There is always someone on the end of the phone to offer a quick response to enquiries. This service includes a listing of key contacts for allied Government agencies such as Education New Zealand, Ministry of Education and NZQA. If we don’t have the answers ourselves, we can point you in the right direction or we will find out for you. The SIEBA Message Board on the Hub is another important forum for members to post questions and seek answers from colleagues on topics of interest.

SIEBA Member Services


SIEBA services lead you to personal and business growth.