SIEBA was formed to provide stronger representation for New Zealand schools operating in the international education sector. SIEBA’s purpose is to Lead, Connect and Grow schools’ international education business.


SIEBA provides leadership and a voice for the sector by offering support and policy advocacy on your behalf.


SIEBA enables greater sector cohesion through the development of a member database and regular communication to members.


SIEBA aims to grow all aspects of the sector: economic value, quality, professionalism, visibility and collaborative practice.


SIEBA Workshop Series May 2019

Mayworkshops are now open for registrations. Click the link below for more details and to register.


SIEBA National Homestay Convention 2019

For the first time, SIEBA invites school homestay staff to our national professional-learning day. The goal of the Convention is to share with and learn from others, develop your skills and get fresh ideas. Taking a day away from the office provides an opportunity to reflect on your practice and re-fill your emotional and mental reserves.



international students enjoying free time and making friends in New Zealand

SIEBA Schools Directory

Our Schools Directory has now been updated as at November 2018. To view directory, click link below.


international students playing rugby in New Zealand

Student Placements Service

For placement of groups and high school students in years 9-13.

The Student Placement Service offers agents and schools a streamlined process to find each other for the right match for group students.


Primary/Intermediate School Programme

For placement of students in years 1-8.

SIEBA and Education New Zealand are excited to offer a new programme to assist agencies in our key markets to promote international education in Primary and Intermediate schools in New Zealand.


I believe SIEBA will help us grow our international student numbers and provide an even better educational and lifestyle experience for all our students; domestic and international.
 Principal, Otago Girls' High School
Many New Zealand schools see international education as an important part of what they do; these schools are part of New Zealand’s international education industry. Education New Zealand is looking forward to working strategically with an industry-led body that will lead, connect and grow the sector.
 Chief Executive, Education New Zealand
Being geographically isolated from others working in my field, I am looking forward to the opportunity to be able to connect more easily with others in similar roles, facing similar challenges.
 International Director, Waihi College
I am looking forward to having a body that is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of our sector and to respond accordingly with that sole focus. A body that will help schools grow capacity and improve practice, and give us access to a greater number of new business opportunities.
 Deputy Principal and Director of International Students, Macleans College
Having worked in a range of schools including large, small, rural, urban, those with an established international student programme and those struggling to get such a programme off the ground, I am excited that SIEBA will provide support and benefit to each one of these schools.
 Principal, Otago Girls' High School
As a foundation member of SIEBA I see wonderful opportunities for Principals to grow their International student numbers, connect with other schools around the Code of Practice and policies, and lead strategically with knowledge, support, and insight around International Education
 Principal, Glendowie Primary School


SIEBA membership will allow you to connect and collaborate in ways that have not been possible before.